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Fundraiser for the Arts

If there is one thing that I am completely certain of it’s the fact that without Art classes throughout my academic years I don’t know where I would be. Art provided me with a safe outlet. It was the one thing I felt like I could use to truly express myself and who I was during one of the more difficult periods of my life.
So when I was approached about doing a Holiday Photo Booth at the Hudson Library Fundraiser as a way for people to take quick and affordable photos for their Holiday cards I saw it as the perfect opportunity to give back to a community that I have grown to love. Many of my clients turned friends live in rural South Dakota. Small communities that lack funds for programs such as art and the money they do have in the budget certainly doesn’t leave room for extras. So when I was asked to participate I did it under the stipulation that all of the funds would be used to help further art education at the local elementary and high school.

The day flew by and I had a great time getting to know everyone that stopped in to have their photo taken or just to see what was going on. Through the support of the surrounding communities, we were able to raise $145.00 that was used to help purchase a slab roller that will be used when teaching ceramics. This is definitely something I want to continue going into the future. If you or anyone you know has a cause that could benefit from a photo booth fundraiser please fill out my contact form and let me know!

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