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Documenting Details

Fly Away PhotographyAs I watch my daughter grow and change, in what seems like a blink of an eye, I’ve become obsessed with the details. Every new hair, every new squishy roll, every smile, coo, and giggle. The way she curls her toes and the way she simultaneously shoves all ten of her tiny pudgy round fingers into her mouth. Each day, I watch her eyes light up as she makes new discoveries, hears new noises, witnesses the life that is happening around her in utter and complete fascination. These details, these little things are what make each day special each of these details is worth documenting. This, as a mother, has become my mission to photograph each of these fleeting moments and details before they are no longer there for me to bare witness. I encourage you to do the same. You don’t need a big fancy camera, the perfect light, clothing, hair, or whatever else it is that is preventing you from taking that photo. You don’t need to wait for that ever elusive perfect moment because let me tell you if you do you will find yourself waiting for the rest of your life.

Fly Away PhotographyFly Away PhotographyFly Away PhotographyFly Away PhotographyFly Away PhotographyFly Away Photography

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